Content warning: Language

“Same Guy
Fuck Your Feelings”

Helpfully nailed to both sides of the driveway utility pole
so the words hit coming and going.


Lives don’t matter
Equality doesn’t matter
Fairness doesn’t matter
Ethics don’t matter
Laws don’t matter
unless they benefit his side
and disadvantage yours.

Fuck your feelings
Fuck your compassion
Fuck your heartbreak at injustice
Fuck your insistence on equality
Fuck you.

Grab her pussy
Mock his difference
Criminalize their religion
Call her bitch
Belittle his oppression
Disparrage their country
Revile her womanhood
Scorn his protest
Disdain their heritage
Objectify her body
Insult his service
Reject their rights

You, your feelings,
mean nothing
in the shadow of this
false greatness, this
calcified disregard.

Fuck your feelings.
Fuck you.


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