I believe in God the Mother,
Whose womb gives birth to mystery,
Who nurtures all that is,
Visible and invisible.

And in her strength, intuition, and softness
To cradle the inner child of my heart
Tenderly, soothing hurt.

I believe in the spirit of this mother
To fiercely protect,
Warding off attempts to wound my very nature
Love from love
Light from light
Seeing the true essence of my being.

Through her I know my connection to all else,
For me,
And with me,
In the feminine that is not a construct
But is the abundance of mutuality,
And fecundity.

She, who is neither opposite nor opposition,
But a cosmic bringing-together
Where the new unfolds.
One aspect, often suppressed,
Never subsumed,
Always rematerializing.
Moon energy, renewing after waning.

I affirm the beauty of her infinite variety
Originating from the same source.

The mother presence from deep within
Binding up my woundedness,
Creating balance,
Bringing forth wholeness
as a gift to the world.


(Note: Heartfelt gratitude to Ryan Keebaugh for asking me to take on a new project that led me to these words. Looking forward to hearing how it all comes together!)

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