[Image description: Clouds with sunbeam streaming through onto mountains in the background, rock ledge and pine trees in the foreground]

The words we take to heart are telling.
Some of the best words end in a why.

Words that ask us to look deeper and see the hidden, intricate parts.

Words that hint at promise and potential, holding hope of what could be.

Words of what we feel in common, connecting us in experience and action.

Words that interweave, unifying people or sounds into a beautiful whole.

Words to bless each other from our own gifts, exchanging what nourishes and completes.

Words that engage the imagination
to birth new energy and beauty into the world.

Spacious words that pose questions,
require nuance,
challenge current norms

They offer no easy answers,
rather life in abundance,
wild and expansive,
light shimmering through,
why wouldn’t you try?

But rule words, isims,
clamor loudly.

Those words hoard
power to a few,
leaving others
in shadow,
no questions asked.

Clinging to absolutes,
to subordination,
will harm,
and separate,
but never be as powerful
as all the beautiful questions.

Why wouldn’t we try asking?

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