Unity: The state of being united or joined as a whole

[Image description: water cascading over a short rock ledge into a pool of water, rocks along the banks of the stream, bare winter trees and cloudy sky in the background]

I see myself divided, dividing.
Ruptured, unleashing a torrent,
thoughts cascading one over another
at images I abhor.

current ever outward,
all reaction,
all or nothing,
with or against,
how could you,
dueling calls for unity or division,
backlash into the void.


carried away,
then clarity.
Take a long breath
and dive deep.


I can roll back
the tide of my own chaos,
the crashing wave after wave
clamoring noise in every second.

I can stem
the barrage of endless opinions
from ego unchecked.

I can gather in the deluge
of outward-flooding emotions
into a reservoir
of my own making.

I can calm them,
sitting in stillness,
allowing silence to flow in.

I can see where
light and shadow
within me co-mingle,
hear each other out,
acknowledge my own inconsistencies,
what troubles me about my own beliefs,
how far I am from the standards
I apply to others.

And I can hold these contradictions
until the clashing parts become
letting go,
letting go,
letting go.

Myself distilled
to deepest truths
until all of it is loved,
is love.

reservoir to the brim,
flowing over
creating tide pools of compassion,
for others to look deep
and see that they,
are love.

And in the
depths it’s clear
true unity
within my own
united heart.

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