[Image Description: in the foreground, grass, foxtails, clover, and wild chicory that commonly grow on roadsides in rural Ohio, with a farm field covered in morning mist and the morning sun in the background.]

Imperfections vining out,
uncontained, unwanted, unwieldy,
unable to keep unseen,
multiplying in growing awareness.

Inability to bridge divides within and between.
Impossibility of accomplishing the to-do list.
Incapable of letting go things undone.
Incredulous over ideals unachieved.

Empathy, humanity, second chances,
offered freely to others,
don’t apply to self
in the darkness of comparison.

And yet, even roadside weeds,
are magic, dew-drenched,
bathed in morning light.

Wondering now what could
become of imperfections no longer
shielded from compassion,
allowed to transform in a new day’s sun.

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