[image description: photo of a stone fireplace and hearth with a wooden mantle that has a canvas painting of the Grand Canyon resting on it. Morning sunlight is streaming through nearby windows making a golden outline across the top of the painting.]

The morning sun
is painting shadows
on the living room wall,
and I know I need to get up
from the couch and start my day,
but the house is still
and the dogs are quiet,
one cozy at my side,
and I feel calm.

I know
as soon as I stand up
I’ll break the morning-light spell
and the next time I notice,
the sun will be overhead
and there will be no
mystical, golden-tinged
outlines above the fireplace.

Then the furnace kicks on
and the other dog
begins whining to go outside
and it’s time to begin the workday,
but my soul is longing for a place
with different,
uninterrupted time.

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