[Image Description: Photo of a collage showing four magazine clippings. Top right: A tree with a large, sprawling canopy silhouetted against a dark blue, clear night sky the the full moon filling the left side of the frame behind it. Bottom Right: a different large tree with a taller canopy silhouetted against a blue night sky with dark purple clouds and a sliver of crescent moon in the sky to the right of the tree. Bottom left: Close-up of a water bird with a long bill and black, white, and gray feathers bathed in blue evening light. Top Left: a poem by Gaby Comprés about time and change.]

Life already tilting,
then sideways,
questions revealed
through new perspective.

Too much time
viewing everything–
through the dark glass.

Standing still after nightfall
in attempt to regain footing,
yet moon shadows walk ahead
through sense made of hindsight.

Lenses, narratives, paradigms
fall away, spent petals,
seeing clearly now
through projections.

Giving myself permission
to unfurl hidden wings,
be who I become
through waxing/waning phases.

No one else can
say who I am now–
they’re always naming
through the past.

But I know who I always am:
night sky and moonlight,
steady, yet changing
through the seasons.

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