Whispered Apologies

[Image description: a black-and-white photo I took through my bedroom window at night, showing the crossbars of the window frame. Most of the picture is in shadow, other than the bare tree branches visible through the top left pane of the window, silhouetted against clouds partly illuminated by the moon.]

I watched clouds surround
the nearly-full Moon

and join to become
a massive dark bird

with one silver eye.
The bird grew heavier

and darker until
the eye closed and

I wondered if clouds
try to shield Moon

from the havoc we’ve wrought
on her tidal-bound sister.

Sitting on my bedroom floor
in nighttime chill,

staring out the window
at a now-dark sky,

I long for more to do than
compose poems about

our shared sadness
and whisper apologies.

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