A Blessing for Autumnal Rest

[Image description: close-up of Sassafras tree three-pronged leaves, beginning to change from green to red and rust fall foliage.]

May you give yourself the gift of idleness
to nap, meander, simply take a break.

Consider the lilies and birds, trees and fields,
bask in their wise teachings.

Let yourself fade from view, seek refuge,
change, let go, lie fallow.

Cultivate ease, and call it good.
Cease to strive, and call it beauty.

Gaze at the clouds or the moon or the falling leaves
and lose yourself in wonder.

Leave the to-do list in the drawer, email unanswered,
there are other times for doing.

You are enough.
You deserve rest.

No messy room or unpaid bill or daydreaming afternoon
changes your inherent worth.

Gift yourself times of leisure, stillness, being,
and bless the seasons for showing the way.

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